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Matt | Teaching jobs | Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I’ve been wanting to put together a list of good and bad teaching jobs here in China, but to be honest I actually haven’t worked for too many shady schools, so my bad list would be pretty short. I’ve been fortunate to have worked at some good schools I think because 1) I’ve been lucky; 2) I’ve been a little picky (foreign run or managed schools; they have a program/curriculum; I’m not the only foreign teacher; the schools’ had been in operation for more than a few years). Anyways, here are some sources for looking for jobs in China.


Dave’s ESL Cafe

This is a good site to see a LOT of jobs all over China.  Be careful!  Be specific!  I found this was a good starting point to see what jobs were out there and what the “average” package was in China. At most universities it was about:

  • 5000 RMB/month
  • Annual flight bonus
  • Single room accommodation
  • Great holidays: 1-2 months for Spring festival (to make up for the crap salary)

But again, you’ll see a lot of schools on this site.

To be honest, I’m a rookie when it comes to Craigslist.  I’ve never really used it.  The reason I put it up here is a friend of mine has a school (re a good reputable school) and he says he looks to here to find good teachers.

Wall Street English

This is a place I’ve worked and that I’d recommend.  The pay is good (about 14,000RMB per mo), the hours are pretty heavy (full time job = 40 hours at work), but the holidays stink (only 10 days plus minimum national holidays).  The teaching here is also different as Wall Street uses computer assisted language learning mostly, so as a foreign trainer you’d focus more on evaluations.  Also while the hours are heavy 6 classes per day, there’s almost no prep required as the program is quite well developed.  It’s a professional organization in China and so far I haven’t found that many, but it too isn’t perfect.  This could be a good job if you want to earn decent money in China, but not great if you want lots of free time to travel.


The Beijinger

This is a good website for local ex-pats to see what’s going on in Beijing.  Lots of jobs on here.  Also good place to start for finding an apartment.

City Weekend

Similar to The Beijinger, but City Weekend is a bit cleaner looking.  This is also a great site to find out upcoming events in Beijing.


This site was recommended by a reader.  Again, it’s another source if you’re looking for teaching jobs.

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