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Matt | China Developing | Monday, May 26th, 2008

China is a developing country, yet, I’m often startled at the shocking contrast you’ll see on the streets of Beijing. From seeing the parade of black tinted Audis and Porsche Cayannes pass by and on the same street you’ll also see fruit vendors selling their goods on the back of a horse drawn carriage. China is the country of contrasts. I’m writing this post while enjoying my Starbucks coffee and studying about China.

Weekly Roundup: Emotions & Olympic greats

Matt | Books: Mindset,China Developing,Driving in China,Visas | Friday, May 9th, 2008

It’s been an emotional time in China lately. I’m continually moved by the stories of people who have donated their efforts to help Sichuan recover from the earthquake. Yesterday on the news I saw an 80 year old grannie who came down to volunteer. It reminded me of my grammie back in Canada who did a similar thing back during the ’95/’96 referendum when she supported her country. I don’t know what it is, nor how to describe it, except to say that I’m continually moved by these outpourings of love. On a financial front, I have given some money, but it never seems like it’s enough. As there are more and more needy charities asking for donations, there are more emotionally-charged images and requests for much needed money.

On a round up front, I came across some nice stories I wanted to share.

Here was a quick one from the PekingDuck which talks about a doctor who told his wife he was going out, jumped on a plane and went to Sichuan to help.

Here are a couple of interesting posts from Sinosplice. This one about the candlelit vigil moved me. And this one about how much donation was appropriate in a company was an interesting insight in the the Chinese culture. Both well worth a read.

From the emotional challenges China has been facing, I keep thinking how China needs and truly deserves a great Olympic games. I continue to send out positive energy pray that this happens. At China Briefing, they do more than send out thoughts as here they give some great tips on how to set up your Chinese office to make the environment as Olympic and employee friendly as possible. Their tips reminded me of working in Canada and watching the 2002 gold medal hockey game in my company cafeteria and thinking how lucky I was to be working for a company that would set up a big screen TV in the cafe for it’s employees.

Here is an interesting article from Asia Times about the quake and how the government is listening to the people.  Hopefully from this disaster some good will come, like improving the safety and quality of schools.

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