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Matt | Middle Kingdom Life | Friday, November 28th, 2008

I decided to start this blog about a year ago because I wanted to write about teaching English in China with the hope to help others who were thinking of becoming an English Teacher in China and because when I first started looking for a job teaching English (back in’05) I couldn’t find much on the Net.  Recently I was introduced to an amazing site for people interested in teaching or living in China, called Middle Kingdom Life. Foreign Teachers Guide to Teaching English in China.

I wish I had seen this before I had come to China.  This would have made my life and the transition a lot easier.  This is the best and most comprehensive site I’ve seen so far on teaching English in China.

I’m still stumbling through, but here are some interesting pages I’ve read on this site.

Ongoing Issues: Dating and Relationships: Understanding the Attraction to Foreign Men in China.

  • This provides an interesting insight into some cultural differences when it comes to dating in China.  I’d say it’s pretty accurate when it comes to the pressures on Chinese women.

Summary Checklist

  • This is a nice summary of questions you should ask or think about before deciding on a school in China.  Some of the questions were interesting and can open your mind to some differences you’ll face, like a Chinese versus western mattress (i.e. hard like a rock floor vs. soft mattress).  Mind you I don’t think that’s a biggie question,  The others like: teaching hours, teaching subjects, distance to the school, split shifts, having resources, not being the only foreign teacher there, not working in a brand new school, these are all vital questions to ask.  Remember not all these questions you can ask the school directly and most you’ll have to get from the teachers currently there or preferably the ones who have left.  Also remember, things will be different from your home country and that is part of the reason you probably want to go teach English in China.

Latest News

  • This is a cool page that I’ll be checking more frequently as I’ve been struggling to find updated information on teaching and visa requirements rules that seem to change as frequently as a pair of dirty shorts.  Anyways, great site.  Lots of the info seems to be Guangdong specific as in Beijing, the “Barcode for Foreign teachers” has not appeared, but it might.  Also my “blue book” (foreign experts certificate) is held by the school, which seems to be common as the schools don’t want you quitting on them and jumping ship with the “blue book”.  This is one way they ensure you honour your contract or leave them in a good manner, as they need to release this certificate for you to be able to work elsewhere in China.

Still this site is a gold mine of information for anybody who wants to be an English teacher in China and I urge you to read on and enjoy.

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