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Matt | Blogroll,Food Safety | Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

For the past few years I’ve been concerned over quality standards in China and food safety was always high on my list.  Although I didn’t do anything about it and I continued to live in Beijing, it still concerned me.  There is so much food being produced from so many different suppliers and quality does not seem to be a concern for most Chinese products, so a food safety disaster seemed inevitable.  But when the melamine, baby milk scandal hit, it was a nauseating thought: some people intentionally poisoning babies to make money.  Some roots of the problem seem to be: lack of quality standard enforcement; low levels of care for fellow human beings; an attitude where passing the test seems to be all that matters; seemingly no concern for morality, where “my getting mine” is what seems to matter first and foremost; the all encompassing desire to make money at all costs.

Here are some interesting articles that give some background over these major issues facing China.

Asia Times recently reported Greed, Mad Science and Melamine, which gives some background on how and why melamine came about.  I guess it’s like cutting costs anywhere and trying to cheat and pass the test. Interesting to read that melamine was developed back in ’99.

Asia Times also had a great article about foreigners living in Beijing called Beijing Dangerous.  Here it talks mostly of the dangers on the streets of Beijing, from the insane traffic, to the air quality issues.  Again I think the root problems are the same: lack of enforcement of rules, people driving wherever they want, whenever, however, regardless of who’s in front or beside them; lack of respect or concern for other people.  That one bothers me the most.

Maybe the best thing to do is laugh at ourselves.  Here at Zhongnanhai: The Onion: China becomes the world’s top polluter -  they found a different take on pollution in China and how it could be a good, or at least humorous thing.

To end on a slightly more positive note, here is something else we can laught at.  The thought of seeing your teacher naked.  As a teacher, this is a terrifying thought from The Globe and Mail:The teacher has no clothes.

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