3 Tips to Deal with a Stressful Person or Class

Matt | Problems | Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Recently I was in a stressful situation, dealing with people that I didn’t want to deal with, but had to and I needed some strategies to help me deal with these difficult students (teachers?!).  I found 3 strategies that work for me that I call: “the A, B, C technique.”

A – Ask “What’s the mature thing to do?”

Often I’ll just explode on somebody and go off on a rant, especially if I’m upset.  I find that by asking this question, “What’s the mature thing to do?” or “What’s a mature answer to this situation?”, will usually give me a few solutions that I can use to solve the stressful situation.

B – Breathe

Facing a tough student, teacher and or person, often the best thing I can when I notice I’m getting angry and before I respond is to breathe.  Taking deep breaths in through the nose, filling up my chest, the exhaling completely and squeezing all the air out of my stomach, usually makes me feel much better.  Taking 3 to 10 deep breaths has helped tremendously!

C Count to 10

This is the strategy I’ve used the most usually in connection with breathing, is I’ll count to ten to try and de-stress.  This will usually allow me to mentally calm down and to think clearly.

If all these strategies don’t work then I’ll give you my last tip

Z – Go to the ZOO!

No, not seriously.  But seriously, if you are feeling overwhelmed in a situation and feel like you might respond in a way you may regret later, try to LEAVE.  Go for a quick walk outside, breathe, count, think about the situation from a few perspectives or ignore it together.  This will usually allow you to return with a clear and calm head and allow you to respond more appropriately.

Remember, you can’t always control a situation, but you can always control how you respond to a situation! Control what you can!  If anyone has other tips or strategies they use to remain cool, calm and collected, please let me know.

PS – I’m in the most stressful situation I can imagine, I’m by home, living with my parents for the holidays!

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