Preparing to come to China

admin | | Monday, October 6th, 2008

Teach someone something: Teach English in China PLAN.

This was my exact summary I found in my 2004 journal to help me PLAN for my teaching experience in China. I think I did fairly well to check off most of these before I arrived in China.

Get Teaching Job in China

  • update resume
  • job search
  • interview
  • call teachers to ask them about the schools (legit Y/N?)
  • sign contract

Leave Old Company

  • tell company leaving
  • leave company

Develop Teaching Skills

  • Read grammar books (I was/am terrified of my poor grammar skills)
  • Read (review) TESOL books
  • Volunteer at ESL school
  • Prepare and participate in lessons/teaching at that school

Prepare for Culture Shock

  • Learn some Chinese (took a 10 week intro to Mandarin course)
  • Learn a hobby (didn’t do this one)
  • Read about culture
  • Read the book Culture Shock (read a photocopied section)

Prepare Health Stuff

  • Talk to friends
  • Talk to family
  • Get vaccinations
  • Get physical (thought it was needed for visa – it isn’t really as still need to get one in China)


  • Move furniture/stuck to brother’s house (sorry, one year plan is now going on three!)
  • Sell or throw out stuff
  • Pack
  • Cancel mail
  • Get ticket
  • Get medical insurance
  • Get visa – type Z (work visa)
  • save $1000
  • Get Travellers Cheques (I travelled for a month first)
  • Cancel/hold insurance in Canada
  • Sell car
  • Make mailing labels for postcards

I believe planning helped me to get off to a good start in China. I hope you can do the same.

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