Find a Great First Job in China

Matt | | Saturday, March 20th, 2010

My first series of posts were of how to find a great job in China.  I followed the following process and found an interesting first job in China.  Even though I had a turbulent first year, I still believe this process could help you have a great first experience in China.

Find a Great First Job in China (part 1): Use Your Network

Use your network.  Research schools you are interested in.  Ask lots of questions.  All keys before you go overseas.  I was introduced to my first job through a friend of a friend.

Find a Great First Job in China (part 2): Do Your Research

Here are things you should look into to get yourself some perspective on teaching in China. Also here are books you ought to read before you buy a ticket. These helped me get grounded as to what was reasonable and unreasonable concerning working hours. The books gave me a glimpse into China and to how quickly it is changing.

Find a Great First Job in China (part 3): Ask Questions

Questions you must ask before you sign a contract.

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